Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time flies...18 months

Crosby turned 18 months last week and I have been terrible about posting 
fun things about him. Curse you Instagram!!!

So here I am writing it down so I'll remember.

Crosby Is KING of our house!

He pretty much calls all of the shots around here. 
He eats cookies for breakfast and everything else he can get his hands on.

He his game for anything. Especially if his older brother is doing it,
he wants to do it too. One of his favorite things to do is grab something
of Beck's when he's not looking and take off

He likes hangin' with the boys. He is all boy.
Ball throwin', wresting, fightin', bike ridin', ruff and tuff BOY.

He is also my lovable, squeezable, snuggly boy.
(that's when I can get him to slow down and give me loves)

It's gone way, way, way too fast. Crosby has brought a lot of life into our house
and we LOVE it. 

He now weighs 29.2 pounds
height 34 1/4 inches
He is starting to slow down. He is now in the 95% so like the Dr. says, "He's slimming down!"

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winder Christmas Party 2012

This years Christmas party was all about the Polar Express.

Invites where sent out
House was decorated.

                                                             Hot Chocolate bar was set.

                              And the Train Conductor was ready to greet the kids at the door!

 They had such a good time. I love seeing the excitement on the kids face when they come in the door and see all the Christmas stuff. Beck couldn't stop asking when he could open up presents but everyone else just enjoyed all the festivities.

 Crosby is still enjoying the festivities. Cookies for breakfast and a cool mustache,
just because. 

Tonight when I put Beck to bed he kept saying, "All Aboard... Tickets please!"
He also told me, "Mom thanks for giving me a party!"
You bet Kid, this is one Momma who loves parties. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Because Mom... You're not on Instagram

Before The trick or treating started we stopped by Aunt Deena's house.
Yes, the Aunt who has every type of wig ever made!
The boys hated dressing up in the wigs...
tears were shed, but Deena and I LOVED it.

 Beck really does make for an UGLY witch!

 This year Beckham almost didn't get to go trick or treating. He wouldn't listen to me all day and when I threaten him with no Halloween unless you listen to me, he replied with, "I don't even want to go. Lets take my costume back!"
Ok... It's on Buddy.
I held strong. I didn't cave, even when he was jumping on the tramp
so he could see all the other trick or treaters.
He would jump up and land on the tramp in tears...
"why, why, why can't I go... I'll listen, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!"

It's a good thing his dad came home and saved him.
Aaron made a deal with him. He put the chili I made for dinner
in his mouth, and spit it out.. Aaron said it counted!

He was soooo happy.
Crosby was Awesome...
He wanted to do everything like Beck.
Aaron tried to hold his bucket for him and he FREAKED out. 
He is wanting to be like B.

 We saw Aunt Mikkel at Boo at the Zoo!
She is always fun to be with. 

 After most of the candy ended up on Crosby's face,
They crashed on the car ride home.

Halloween 2012... SUCESS!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It's not too often 
 At our house
 My boys stop wrestling and fighting
 Just long enough to share. 
I'm glad I had my phone near by to capture this rare moment!

Love my boys!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Soakin up the Sun

Our mission this week at the Winder house is to enjoy the SUN.
No more stayin inside with the blinds closed,
Hopen to keep it cool.

We're gettin out. 

Before ya know it, it's going to be Back to school, 
Halloween... and
Dare I say it, SNOW. 
 And this is one family, Mom, That does 
a lot more when the ground is dry!

 Crosby was a little bit hesitant to get wet. 
But he did LOVE his freedom. 
Freedom to roam without me picking him up
and telling him no!

 Beck has turned into a water nut. 
 Tackling the slides, face in the water, splashing head first, Water Lovin' Boy!

We're so glad the Cousins had nothing better to do today and made the drive
with us to the splash park. 
Tomorrows big adventure...
Back to Pocatello for a little bit of ROss Park Pool.
Bring on the SUNSHINE!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family FUN, Graffiti STYLE!

We had talked to Beck to see if he wanted to run
in a 3 mile fun run, of course he was into it!!
Even Crosby was ready to roll!

It was perfect! THe Graffiti Run was even MORE fun than I thought it would be.

Every half a mile people would throw paint at you. Beck LOVED it. He wore his goggles the entire time.

The people tapping and taking pictures couldn't get enough of him. He should make their Facebook page. Holllaaaaa!

He would give them the thumbs up, when they took his picture!
Crosby got a little bit of paint on him,  Most of the paint landed on the stroller.  
I was so excited, Beck honestly had a BLAST. I was surprised but he run a lot
of the run. He kept saying, "I'll run!". 
I kept telling him. "Beck you need to stay in the slow lane so people can pass us."

Beck would shout, "NOT TODAY!". And he would take off running.
Gotta love it!

After crossing the finish line, you got to hang out at the the PAINT PARTY!
Everyone was dancing, tossing paint in the air.

 We had a blast. 

I hope the graffiti run comes to our town again next year. 
Even though my armpits are stained from the paint, 
THis is one family who will be there!!