Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time flies...18 months

Crosby turned 18 months last week and I have been terrible about posting 
fun things about him. Curse you Instagram!!!

So here I am writing it down so I'll remember.

Crosby Is KING of our house!

He pretty much calls all of the shots around here. 
He eats cookies for breakfast and everything else he can get his hands on.

He his game for anything. Especially if his older brother is doing it,
he wants to do it too. One of his favorite things to do is grab something
of Beck's when he's not looking and take off

He likes hangin' with the boys. He is all boy.
Ball throwin', wresting, fightin', bike ridin', ruff and tuff BOY.

He is also my lovable, squeezable, snuggly boy.
(that's when I can get him to slow down and give me loves)

It's gone way, way, way too fast. Crosby has brought a lot of life into our house
and we LOVE it. 

He now weighs 29.2 pounds
height 34 1/4 inches
He is starting to slow down. He is now in the 95% so like the Dr. says, "He's slimming down!"

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  1. So funny that 95% is slimming down!! Obviously most don't even reach that size!! We love us some BIG babies. So happy to see you post on here. I am sure Instagram is great but I like to read too. Love the pic with Cohen!